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The main body is 60 meters long, 15 wide, and around 20 meters high to the eaves of the central tower and 15 meters to those of the wings .
On both sides there is a “portico” linking the wings of the building which extend to the square .
Under the ground floor there is a charming cellar divided into two aisles with vaulted sixth barrel and acute.
The front aisle is undivided and runs along the entire width of the house, with a living room of about 60 meters long and four other large halls with a floor area of 700 square meters.
In 1995 the park was rearranged with the demolition of the old industrial silkworms dryer and the reconstruction of the ancient “Limonaia” taking care of the style and construction techniques of the Villa. A building with living trussed and basement of 50 meters long and 10 wide.



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